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March 2017 | H2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 -

Seal of Excellence for StemCell2MAX

StemCell2MAX received the "Seal of Excellence" for the H2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 - a quality label from Horizon 2020, the EU's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. This Seal is awarded to first-class innovative ideas worthy of investment and is another recognition of StemCell2MAX business and innovation potential.

February 2017 | StemCell2MAX selected among 10 top research projects for celebrating the 10th anniversary of the European Research Council

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November 2016 | StemCell2MAX meets with InnoStars and CLC Germany in Munich

Maria and Filipa participated in the German CLC /Innostars Meeting and discussed synergy opportunities with several Universities and Pharma Companies based in Europe, to further advance the internationalization strategy of StemCell2MAX.

October 2016 | StemCell2MAX invited to “UKI Industry goes to Europe Tour”

Filipa was at the EITHealth meeting and joined several industry partners from UK and Ireland to present StemCell2MAX strategy and contribute to future challenges of healthcare, aiming at strengthening the European healthcare industry.

Francisco was present at the European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy/International Society for Stem Cell Research congress to provide an update on StemCell2MAX technology development and participated in important discussions on basic/translational research and clinical applications of gene and cell therapy.

StemCell2MAX MED consists of ex-vivo cultured and expanded human cord blood progenitor cells for transplantation purposes and fulfils the definition of ATMP within the Tissue Engineered Product category.


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October 2016 | Official classification from EMA for StemCell2MAX clinical product

StemCell2MAX clinical product MED was officially classified by the European Medicines Agency as an Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product, thus establishing the regulatory framework for clinical development.

October 2016 | StemCell2MAX at the edge of Stem Cells and Gene Therapy

September 2016 | StemCell2MAX wins Innostars Go Europe Award

The Innostars GoEurope 2016 competition was organized in 4 countries with almost 30 applicants. EIT Health recognized StemCell2MAX unique technology and impact on the healthcare sector. This is one more step to take StemCell2MAX innovation further in the European market. EIT Health is one of the largest initiatives worldwide aiming at improving Healthcare.

July 2016 | StemCell2MAX launches new product

StemCell2MAX launches a new product for researchers who already have an expansion system in place and who are willing to improve their expansion results by adding StemCell2MAX technology.

June 2016 | StemCell2MAX joins experts to discuss latest advancements in blood stem cells

Francisco was at Heidelberg for the "Hematopoietic Stem Cells: From the Embryo to the Aging Organism” conference and joined recognised experts for discussing hematopoietic stem cells production and regulation throughout life.


May 2016 | StemCell2MAX invited speaker at World Cord Blood Congress, London

Maria and Henrique were invited speakers at the World Cord Blood Conference in London and received great feedback on StemCell2MAX technology development. This forum gathered leading experts from industry and academia for discussing advances in cord blood clinical and cellular applications.


May 2016 | StemCell2MAX appoints Francisco dos Santos as Chief Scientific Officer

StemCell2MAX has recruited Francisco dos Santos to its executive management team in the role of Chief Scientific Officer (CSO).


Francisco has strong experience in human stem cell expansion, with several publications in the field, pharmaceutical development of advanced therapy medicinal products and regulatory affairs. As StemCell2MAX’s CSO, Francisco takes on responsibility for preclinical and clinical development programmes, scientific oversight of collaborations and customers’ support.

Welcome to StemCell2MAX team!

May 2016 | Results published at ISCT, Singapore

Terumo BCT, a global leader in blood component and cellular technologies, presented results of in vitro expansion of cord-blood HSCs using StemCell2MAX solutions in large-scale automated expansion systems at 2016 ISCT Annual Meeting.

This preliminary study demonstrates the potential of developing a fully-monitored and controlled bioreactor system for the expansion of cord blood HSC using StemCell2MAX technology.

StemCell2MAX joins the most innovative European league to fast-track its high potential technology on the market.

This project allows to further advance the development of cell-based therapies using StemCell2MAX technology to multiply the scarcely available blood stem cells, addressing an enormous demand for research and cancer treatment.


May 2016 | StemCell2MAX wins SME Instrument Phase 1

March 2016 | Diogo Fonseca-Pereira awarded by Human Frontier Science Program

Diogo Fonseca-Pereira, StemCell2MAX co-founder, was recognised by the prestigious Human Frontier Science Program for his cutting edge research work, which crucially contributed to the foundation of StemCell2MAX.


The Human Frontier Science Program is an international program of research support and collaboration in the spirit of science without borders.

February 2016 | StemCell2MAX and students: Make it happen!

Maria and Filipa were at a high school sharing StemCell2MAX mission with teenager students and promoting entrepreneurship. How can science move out from the lab and make a real impact on people's lives? This was the motto for a great morning where science was decoded and taught to young people.

StemCell2MAX joined researchers from Europe, US and Asia discussing new trends on the generation and use of appropriate models to study human biology in health and disease. StemCell2MAX technology is currently being used by many research groups that need to expand HSCs for humanising mice.

January 2016 | StemCell2MAX participated in the International Workshop on Humanized Mice, Zurich

November 2015 | StemCell2MAX awarded in Copenhagen as the most investible company

11 Judges from 8 countries came together at the Horizon 2020 – Invest Horizon Global Investor Summit to pick the “Most Investable Company” from 31 rigorously preelected entrants. -

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November 2015 | StemCell2MAX in the news: the startup that multiplies blood stem cells

October 2015 | A leading cord blood bank publishes remarkable results using StemCell2MAX for quality purposes

Bebé Vida, a cord blood bank that continuously assesses process quality, included StemCell2MAX Mix in their CFU assays protocol. These results further demonstrate the usage of expanded haematopoietic progenitors using StemCell2MAX Mix for quality and functional assays in Cord Blood Banks, as well as for many other research applications.

October 2015 | Henrique Veiga-Fernandes present at the EMBO Members' Meeting 2015

StemCell2MAX Chief Scientific Officer was invited to give a talk in Heidelberg where he shared his work with leading researchers from the life sciences community.

October 2015 | Best presentation award at the International Meeting of the Society for Stem Cells

Sílvia Arroz-Madeira was given the best oral presentation award at the 9th Meeting of the Portuguese Society for Stem Cells and Cell Therapies. This event covered different areas of stem cell research, from biology to bioengineering towards clinical applications and disease modelling using stem cells. Discussions include recent developments in pre-clinical and clinical trials of stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine

September 2015 | "Innovation in Portugal is cutting edge", US Ambassador to Portugal

Robert Sherman, US ambassador to Portugal states that "What's happening in

Portugal is cutting edge: great innovation, great research in biotech and life sciences"



September 2015 | StemCell2MAX was invited to present its innovative technology at the UK Humanised Mouse Symposium, Cambridge

StemCell2MAX presented its novel technology which can be used for studying numerous diseases using humanised mice. Maria Vasconcelos and Henrique Veiga Fernandes represented StemCell2MAX at this Symposium, which was hosted by the University of Cambridge, King's College London and the University of Oxford

August 2015 | StemCell2MAX joins SciPort moving health research forward

StemCell2MAX can now be found at Sciport - an online platform managed by the Health Cluster Portugal that discloses R&D organizations and its work, catalyzing partnerships and promoting health research worldwide


September 2015 | StemCell2MAX presented scientific developments in Japan, at the Annual Meeting of the International Society for Experimental Hematology

Sílvia Arroz Madeira was in Kyoto for the ISEH 44th Annual Scientific Meeting and shared StemCell2MAX new findings with leading hematologists worldwide. StemCell2MAX research and expansion solutions were received with enthusiasm by the scientific community


July 2015 | StemCell2MAX is now member of Portugal's Biotechnology Industry Organization

StemCell2MAX contributes to foster a favorable environment for biotec creation and growth, promoting national and international business through Portugal’s Biotechnology Industry Organization (P-BIO), a member of EuropaBio, the sole association of life science companies in Portugal

August 2015 | StemCell2MAX, the key for blood stem cell expansion in Diário Económico

Henrique Veiga Fernandes shares his scientific experience and discoveries that led to the StemCell2MAX technology

July 2015 | StemCell2MAX strengths partnerships for internationalization

StemCell2MAX is now partner of AICEP Portugal Global, a Trade & Investment Agency, which contributes to the success of Portuguese companies abroad in their internationalization processes or export activities

July 2015 | StemCell2MAX closer to the most prestigious research institutes in Portugal


StemCell2MAX solutions are now available at LabOrders, an online platform to manage laboratory orders that in one place gathers suppliers and scientist.

Through LabOrders several millions of purchase orders are placed every month in several laboratories at the most prestigious research institutions in Portugal and in a near future overseas

June 2015 | StemCell2MAX at Innovation Week, Lisbon

StemCell2MAX participated in a public debate on the strategic development of health research and showed its work on the entrepreneurs exhibition

Henrique Veiga-Fernandes was distinguished by the President of Portugal with the honour of Commander of the Ordem Militar de Sant’Iago de Espada due to his strong contribution to science

Henrique Veiga-Fernandes was one of the invited speakers of the "Different Perspectives of Chronic Disease" conference

June 2015 | "StemCell2MAX looking for partners for clinical trials" at Diário Económico

June 2015 | Henrique Veiga-Fernandes distinguished by the President of Portugal


Sílvia Arroz-Madeira won the best poster presentation in the 10th ENII EFIS Summer School On Advanced Immunology

May 2015 | Sílvia Arroz-Madeira awarded for her contribute to Advanced Immunology


StemCell2MAX discussed the latest developments on stem therapy, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering at a conference where Pharma, Biotech, Academia, Investors and Regulatory bodies meet

May 2015 | StemCell2MAX at Stem Cell & Regenerative Congress 2015, London

StemCell2Max joined discussions on increasing utilisation of units, improving quality, becoming more cost effective, new business models, clinician collaboration and developments in regenerative medicine

May 2015 | StemCell2MAX at the Cord Blood Congress

The project "The neurotrophic factor receptor RET drives haematopoietic stem cell survival and function" wins the Pfizer awards in Basic Research



December 2014 | Pfizer award for basic research

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