A novel technology for researchers and for developing treatments for cancer

StemCell2MAX is a spin-off from Instituto de Medicina Molecular (IMM) established through the investment of a group of Business Angels - Busy Angels, SCR Venture Capital Investors.


The research that led to this discovery was funded by the prestigious European Research Council, European Molecular Biology Organization, National Blood Foundation, US and Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, Portugal (circa 2.5 million euros investment) and published in Nature, together constituting strong evidence regarding the quality of the research. This discovery won in 2014 the prestigious Pfizer award for basic research.


In November 2015, StemCell2MAX won the “most investable company” award during the first Horizon 2020 – Invest Horizon Global Investor Summit. In June 2016, it was granted the H2020 SME Instrument Phase I to develop a feasibility study and in August it won the EIT Health Innostars Go Europe award for further advancing the internationalisation strategy in EU.

StemCell2MAX is a biotechnology startup in the field of regenerative medicine that markets a novel solution to multiply the scarcely available blood stem cells, addressing an enormous demand for research and cancer treatment.


StemCell2MAX owns a proprietary technology, published in Nature and internationally recognized. It has also achieved proven market acceptance, with a growing sales track-record both in Europe and in USA.

The Patent has been submitted for stem cell maintenance, expansion or transplantation for EU, USA and Japan, covering both the research and clinical market

Key products lines

StemCell2MAX targets the research and clinical market with two products:

1) Research market | StemCell2MAXTM Mix - StemCell2MAX Mix is currently commercialized in EU and USA as a cell culture supplement. It targets research institutions/companies that need larger numbers of cord blood stem cells and use laboratory mice for their research.


2) Clinical market | StemCell2MAXTM Med - StemCell2MAX Med is under development and will be commercialized as expanded cord blood cells for human transplantation purposes. Clinical trials need to be performed in accordance with demanding regulatory requirements (FDA, EMA) and StemCell2MAX is now looking for partners for boosting StemCell2MAX Med development.

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